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    Sunday, 02 July 2017 16:36

    Beautiful Monasteries in Armenia

    Armenia is a home to a complex culture and some of the world’s greatest religious shrines. While planning your trip to Armenia, you will definitely think of including some of the heritages of Armenia’s culture, the bright examples of which are our world famous monasteries. Having this information in your pocket, you will noticeably ease your selection process.

    Tatev Monastery

    Tatev is a medieval Monastery in Syunik Region, 280 km away from Yerevan. These unique impregnable masterpiece merged with fathomless nature conquers your heart from the very first visit. The fortified Tatev monastery was built between 9-13 centuries and consists of three churches (St. Paul and Peter, St. Gregory the Illuminator and St. Mary), a library, dining hall, belfry, mausoleum as well as other administrative and auxiliary buildings. Aside from the buildings, the monastery boasts an upright pendulum, known as the Gavazan (staff). The Legend tells us that Gavazan sustained even the 1931 earthquake when everything around — the cathedral, St. Grigor Lusavorich Church, the porch and the belfry were destroyed.

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