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    The names of the pianists who passed to the 2nd round of the “Armenia” International Competition are published, State Youth Orchestra of Armenia reports ina release. According to the source, from July 10 20 pianists representing France, Poland, China, South Korea, Russia, Kirgizstan, Georgia, Armenia will perform in the 2nd…
    Sunday, 02 July 2017 16:36

    Beautiful Monasteries in Armenia

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    Armenia is a home to a complex culture and some of the world’s greatest religious shrines. While planning your trip to Armenia, you will definitely think of including some of the heritages of Armenia’s culture, the bright examples of which are our world famous monasteries. Having this information in your…
    Monday, 26 June 2017 09:53

    Charles Aznavour

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    Charles Aznavour (Varenag Aznaurian) – a classic of world pop, a distinguished French singer and public figure – was born at Paris in 1924. His real last name is Aznavourian. His parents were Armenian immigrants, who moved to France after the Armenian Genocide in 1915. They intended to move from…
    Monday, 26 June 2017 09:49

    Armenian Painter Minas Avetisyan

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    Minas Karapet Avetisyan – the Armenian painter, theatre artist, honored artist of Armenia (1968) – was born on July 20, 1928, in the Armenian village Djadjur.Fortunately, in 1915 the parents of the artist escaped the massacre, when not far from Djadjur thousands of people were killed in the gorge. Often…
    Monday, 26 June 2017 09:44

    The Museum of Children’s Art in Yerevan

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    The Museum of Children’s Art in Yerevan is a place, where you can come with your children. Bright colors, pure talent, creativity – that’s what this museum is about. As modern artist David Siqueiros said during his visit to the gallery, it’s “a true festival for the children of the…
    Monday, 26 June 2017 09:43

    Armenian Architecture

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    If you do not fully understand the specifics of south-western Asia, even a quick overlook of Yerevan will give you a clue: you are in the Middle East, although there are no mosques around, and nothing reminds of Islam. Architecture of churches, often decorated with wonderful elements of stone carving,…
    Esquire Russia journal has compiled the list of top 7 art events in Moscow for upcoming weeks with exhibition entitled “Armenian Impressionism: From Moscow to Paris” included in it.
    Wednesday, 24 May 2017 23:46

    Armenian Stone Dragons

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    Probably the most famous tomb stone or monument in Armenia is the cross-stone. A rectangular piece of stone richly decorated from up to down and set in some interesting places such as near or inside a church, alongside with a tomb, or close to a place where one can find…
    Friday, 19 May 2017 13:33

    Armenians Have the Coolest Holidays!

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    Another fun fact about Armenian culture: Armenian holidays include in themselves fragments of both Christian culture and Pagan culture.
    Friday, 19 May 2017 13:21

    One of a Kind Church Architecture

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    Armenia is known for its oldest churches. Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity in 301 AD. You can meet quite a lot of ancient monasteries in Armenia. The first church is Etchmiadzin Cathedral which is built in the 4th century.
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